Artist Statement

What: I am a multi-media, abstract, acrylic-based artist. Words I use to describe my work include authentic, raw, energetic, and healing. My work is inspired by my beloved Tim, the ups and downs of love in the time of COVID, process painting, Cuba, Mt. Tam, the redwoods, and my inner landscape.

How: I start with a blank canvas and get out of the way. Rarely do I have a plan or vision of what is to come. My paintings speak to my inner joys and struggles embodied in color and texture and energy. I incorporate texture, stencils, words, and collage—and often you will find three lotuses floating in my paintings, which to me represent the three jewels in Buddhism: buddha, dharma, sangha. 

Why: I paint to feel more alive, embodied, grounded, and sane. My aspiration is for my paintings connect myself and the viewer to a deeper to a sense of compassion and acceptance and playfulness. Painting supports my temperament and sensitivity. While I don’t paint with the goal of selling my work, it is always a delight when my works find a new home.

Who: My love of painting was sparked by a process-painting workshop I attended at Esalen over 30 years ago. I’ve studied Toni Littlejohn (Wild Carrots),  Jack Scott at College of Marin, and currently participating in Lauren Mantecon’s ten-month Deep Dive. I’ve attended over six Creativity Retreats at Spirit Rock. Part of diving deep for me was transforming my garage into an art studio. My first show, where I sold four paintings, was held at John Wilmer Gallery in Sausalito, California. My second show, Mojo Exposed, was at The Depot in February 2013. I’ve participated in numerous shows at the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts and in the Mill Valley.