Deborah Fleischer


Healing through art

Growing up, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and required to wear a Milwaukee back brace, which led me to take on a belief “There is something wrong with me”. For me, painting has been a healing journey of radical acceptance and self-love. My paintings often express my emotions and inner landscape–I aim for them to be authentic and spark healing in myself and others. I am inspired by the joys and challenges of partnership, the grounding influence of redwood trees, and being pushed by mentors to slow down and listen for a painting to say “I’m done”. My process is intuitive, adding layer after layer of colors, texture, words, stencils, and collage.

If you are drawn to any of my available paintings, please call me at 415-302-2655 for prices. Thank you for visiting.


(415) 302-2655
deborah.fleischer (at) gmail


San Francisco Bay Area