Deborah Fleischer

Contemporary Fine Art


Through color, texture, words, and collage, painting allows me to claim the beauty and power of being sensitive and empathetic. For me, painting is a practice of bringing feelings and emotions–the good, the bad, and the ugly–to the canvas to be seen and accepted. Even when it makes me uncomfortable. The common thread of No Mud, No Lotus is to hold what is true with presence and kindness and to remind myself and others that out of the mud grows beauty. Out of challenge comes growth.


I am inspired by my Buddhist meditation practice, the joys and challenges of marriage, and the grounding influence of redwood trees and the hooting of owls. My process is intuitive, adding layer after layer until I hear the painting say “I’m done”.


My love of painting started at the Esalen Institute over 30 years ago when I attended a process-painting workshop. I’ve blossomed by being part of groups held by Toni Littlejohn (Wild Carrots), Jack Scott at College of Marin, and Lauren Mantecon’s Dive Deep program. I’ve attended over six Creativity Retreats at Spirit Rock. My work has been shown at John Wilmer Gallery in Sausalito, The Depot in Mill Valley, the Sebastapol Center for the Arts, and most recently last year at the Nocturne 818 gallery in Santa Fe. After living in Marin over 20 years, I now call Petaluma home.

Please email if you are interested in any of my work. 

deborah.fleischer (at)